5 heures du soir 
sound installation with 5 speakers

5 heures du soir (5 o’clock in the evening) – version with French subtitles
exhibition L’image papillon, MUDAM, Luxembourg, 2013 (cur. Christophe Gallois)

Les heures creuses 

5 heures du soir is an installation that makes hear on the same device five sound pieces (Quelqu’étiquettes, L’amorce des consignes, Au pied du lit, Extinction, Courants d’air), gathered here in a single work.
Five sequences that produce a sequel in which several characters, from several generations, speak in turn and evoke the announcement, the expectation, the coming, the unfolding then the immediate aftermath of a disaster. A disaster experienced, imagined or possible.
In a first space, four speakers on the ground emit noises and musical atmospheres in a succession of dramatic intensity and temporal suspensions. Further in a second space a fifth speaker on pedestal emits the voices. The sounds coming from the first space turn into background and accompaniment of the narratives when we are faced with these voices.

version with subtitles

5 heures du soir (5 o’clock in the evening).
In this version for non-French-speaking countries, the sound stays the same (voices in French). At the junction of the two spaces, a video screen hanging on the wall shows the written and synchronized translation of the words. English translation by Chet Wiener.Chet Wiener.





photos Rémi Villaggi



– transcriptions by Dominique Petitgand, catalogue of the exhibition The Butterfly Image, MUDAM, 2017, Fr./En.