Credits of the works and the website

sound pieces
recorded, edited, mixed, spatialized by Dominique Petitgand
musics composed and played by Dominique Petitgand

with the voices of
Dominique Ané, Camille Auvy, Colin Auvy, Louise Goutin, Bénédicte Petitgand,
Marie-Henriette Petitgand, Liza Maria Riveros, Paoulo Riveros, Norbert

Dario Alvarez, George Caruzzo, François Gobillot, Monique Gobillot, Jean Petitgand,
Édit Zakal

with the oral translations of
Éric Baudelaire, Peter O’Brien, Marta Dansie, Daniel Darius Oskui, Ruth Gamper,
Miles Hankin, Marina Melancorteci, Christine Melchiors, Sophie Nys, Massimo Prandini,
Tatsanai Wongpisethkul

with the written translations of
Michael Angland, Jean-Charles Beaumont, Carlo Fossati, Miles Hankin, Ruth Kaaserer,
Nicolas Sergère, Chet Wiener

with occasional musical participations of
Dominique Ané, Antoine Carolus, Christine Ott, Marc Sens

with occasional sound participations of
Hervé Birolini, Stéphane Janin, Fabrice Laureau, Yann Tiersen, Jean-Pierre Viazzi 

structure of the website
in collaboration with Charlotte Imbault
thanks to David Guez