De l’électricité dans l’air
sound installation with 18 speakers

solo exhibition Il y a les nuages qui avancent, CIAP, Île-de-Vassivière, 2015

Les heures creuses 

The installation called De l’électricité dans l’air takes place in two spaces and connects two acoustic perspectives and two sound layers (near or far according to our position) that add up or respond to each other remotely.
In a first and big space, fourteen massive speakers on the ground irregularly positioned emit at different sound level (strongly sometimes) chopped noises, impacts, stridences, waves and vibrations. Short sequences, constantly interrupted, which disturb the place by strokes, ruptures and repeats. An electrical presence, strong, massive, unstable, coming from the ground.
In the silences, we perceive in the distance beyond a corridor ans stairs fragments of voices. Voices without text, in different states, that call, cry, sing, hold their breath, coming from a room on another floor with four speakers in height fixed on the sides.
This vocal, aerial, weightless presence, which is also discontinuous, maintains a physical and nervous relationship with the electric sounds of the first space on the lower level. The two sound layers are heard from one space to another, each one alternately, near or at a distance, one triggers, stops, responds or accompanies the other.





photos Aurélien Mole


text by Anne-Sophie Miclo, press article La belle revue, June 2015, Fr./En.