État liquide / Télépathie 
sound installation with 5 speakers

exhibition City Sonics, Transcultures, Beaux-Arts Museum, Mons, 2007

État liquide / Télépathie (Telepathy) – version with English subtitles
exhibition Homo Ludens Act III, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, 2012

Les heures creuses 

The installation État liquide / Télépathie connects two acoustic perspectives.
Overlapping the inside and outside parts of a museum, four speakers set up on the floor of the landing and turned upwards emit the musical piece called État liquide (the repeated melody of water drops and metallic hammering).
Inside a glass airlock, at the entrance of the building, a speaker on a pedestal emits the sound piece called Télépathie y, for one voice only (a woman talks on the phone with another person who cannot be heard).
The two acoustic perspectives add each other on each time a visitor steps into the museum.





BAM, Mons, 2007 – photos D.P.


version with subtitles

État liquide / Télépathie (Telepathy).
In this version for non-French-speaking countries, the sound stays the same
(voices in French).
In the first part of the space, four speakers are set up on the floor irregularly
and turned upwards. They emit the musical piece. Further, in another part
of the gallery, at the end of the exhibition’ movement,
a speaker on a pedestal
emits the voice. The two acoustic perspectives add each
other when we access
the second space with the voice.
Presented in the form of subtitles on a screen set up on a wall, the translation
of the speech is the third part of the installation, and functions like an interface
between the two sound layers, between the listening and the reading.
English translation by Miles Hankin.


Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, 2012 – photos Mike Bink (1-2-3 with a work on the wall by Pak Sheung Chuen)