Il y a
sound piece for headphones or 2 speakers 

Il y a (Der er) – bilingual version French/Danish
exhibition Always crashing in the same car, Galleri Susanne Ottesen, Copenhagen, 2005 (cur. Jasper Sebastian Stürup)

Les heures creuses 

bilingual version with headphones

Il y a (Der er) is a bilingual and new version of the installation Il y a, ensuite.

In this version, diffused in the gallery in front of a window that reveals the city and through headphones, two important elements of the original piece are missing: the music is gone, replaced by an urban background with the wind in a tree, but also the voice of the woman, replaced with a new voice of a translator, a woman who speaks Danish, translates, comments and resumes indirectly the child’s speech.
The two voices, in French and in Danish, staggered and in turn, shell various fragments (panorama, close and distant details) of an indeterminate (between imagination and memory) landscape.
Oral translation in Danish by Christine Melchiors.

photo D.P.