La lettre vide
sound installation with 2 speakers and 1 screen

The blank letter – English version
FIAC, gb agency, Paris, 2017

Les heures creuses 

La lettre vide / The blank letter is a substruction, a king of censure.
Two speakers arranged on the ground diffuse the regular scansion of a voice, as if stifled or distorted, with a low and muffled sound, and whose speech is unintelligible to us.
On the wall, a screen shows one by one, and synchronously, the sentences (in black letters on a white background) that we can imagine correspond, like a direct translation, to the voice.
From these sentences taken from a letter (in which we can perceive the voice is speaking to an absent person), the essential is missing: many words are absent, as if erased, replaced by dashes.

The work exists in two versions: French and English (the sound remains the same, only the sentences on the screen change). English translation by Miles Hankin.

sketch installation English version, FIAC 2017


audio excerpt 




French version  – photos Aurélien Mole


excerpt with screen – English version




– interview with Églantine Mercader, gb agency, Paris, 2017, En.