L’amorce des consignes
sound installation with 7 speakers

exhibition Domaines publics, Mairie du XIXe, Paris, 2001 (cur. F. Piron, G. Désanges, A. Woltz)

Les heures creuses 

The installation called L’amorce des consignes takes up two spaces inside a public building, city hall.
In the lobby, six speakers set high up emit a repetitive musical atmosphere, whose volume and mixing vary according to the attention being paid to it.
Further down, in an adjacent part beyond several doors, a speaker hanging on a wall at ear level behind seats emits a voice (a little boy who makes a stocklist of the things to be taken in case of an impending disaster).
The doors, which get opened or closed whenever the users of the place walk in or out, make the neighbouring voice and the music perceived from afar overlap, or not.