Le prévu / L’imprévu
sound installation with 4 speakers

exhibition Déplacements – Chez l’un, l’autre, galerie Anton Weller, Paris, 1998 (cur. Alain Declercq)


The installation called Le prévu, l’imprévu takes up two symmetrical spaces, laid out on either side of a long corridor.
Inside each one of the two spaces, two speakers: a unique voice (a woman) and a unique haunting musical atmosphere. In the first space, the woman describes what makes the expectation and the excitement about an unhoped-for and unspoken event (Le prévu) while in the second one, she describes the acknowledgement and the devastation once the event has taken place (L’imprévu).
Right in the middle of the corridor, the music which comes from either sides connects the two distant spaces.

excerpt part 1 – part 2