Les pièces manquantes

The missing pieces – English version
exhibition Homo Ludens – Act III, Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, 2012
Art Basel, gb agency, Basel, 2011

I pezzi mancanti – Italian version and print on paper
solo exhibition Con voci e senza, e/static, Turin, 2006

The missing pieces – English version anglaise and print on paper
Open Studios, Les Ateliers New Yorkais, ISCP, New York, 2005


Les pièces manquantes / The missing pieces is a mute piece.
In ambient light, a slide projector casts a succession of 16 slides in a small format. Each slide presents a text that appears for the time necessary for its reading.
Each text corresponds to a sound piece that I was not able or did not want to produce: a prevented recording, impossible edits, envisaged at one time and then renounced. For each, something that sticks (circumstance, inaptitude or conviction).

The piece exists in French or in English version.
English translation by John Tittensor, Camille Doizelet, Julia Koropoulos.


Motive Gallery, 2012 – photos Mike Bink


Trouver un trésor / Treasure trove – English translation John Tittensor



interview with Pierre Bal-Blanc, 2008, publication catalogue Reversibility, Mousse Publishing, 2013, Fr./En.