Mes écoutes

video version (in French)
solo exhibition Documentation éparpillée, EMBA-galerie Manet, Gennevilliers, 2018

exhibition Où sont les sons ?, Centrale for contemporary art, Brussels, 2017 (cur. Nicole Gingras)
exhibition Brouhaha, Le Granit, Belfort, 2017 (cur. Mickaël Roy)
Festival Musique Action, CCAM-Scène Nationale, Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy, 2016
solo exhibition Il y a les nuages qui avancent, CIAP, Île-de-Vassivière, 2015
solo exhibition L’oreille interne, gb agency, Paris, 2013

paper version (in French)
exhibition Ellipse, galerie Circuit, Lausanne, 2019

solo exhibition Le fil conducteur, gb agency, Paris, 2017
solo exhibition La fréquence du secteur, La Compagnie, Marseille, 2017 (cur. Paul-Emmanuel Odin)


video version

Mes écoutes
is a silent work.
Hung at a wall, a video screen plays one after the other, the time required to read each of them, a series of 152 short texts in white letters on a black background. This is a project that I initiated in 2004, the set displayed is the most recent version to date, 152 texts from a work still in progress.
Each text describes how I listen in my own life. I am the listener who says I: a miraculous situation, an anomaly, an usual behavior, a memory, a state, from memory or described on the spot. Each text has a title, is at the same time autonomous and the component of a whole. This is how I always proceed: I make miniatures of which I think at the same time the autonomy and the place they can hold within a whole. A whole which builds up over the years, by addition, with no preliminary plan, no end.
This long onscreen display appears to have no beginning and no end, and is intended, unlike the sound installations that require a moving listener, for an immobile reader, seated on a bench.


1 EMBA-Manet, Gennevilliers, 2018 – photo Margot Montigny / 2 La Centrale, Bruxelles, 2017 – Philippe de Gobert / 3 CIAP Vassivière, 2015 – Aurélien Mole / 4 gb agency, 2013 –  Marc Domage


paper version

Each of the 152 text is printed on a A4 piece of paper. The whole gives form to a pile without joint lying on a table or a display stand and in open consultation.


1 gb agency, 2017 – photo Aurélien Mole / 2 La Compagnie, Marseille, 2017 – Mathieu Mangaretto


excerpts from video version




– interview with Églantine Mercarder, press release exhibition Le fil conducteur, gb agency, Paris, 2017, Fr./En.


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