Proche, très proche
sound installation with 5 speakers

exhibition Agir dans le paysage, CIAP, Île-de-Vassivière, 2013
exhibition En quête de l’ange, Galeries Thermales, Nancy, 2013 (cur. Éric Didym)
Festival Entre cour et jardins, Parc de la Colombière, Dijon, 2009 (co-production Césaré Reims)
exhibition Home Sweet Home, CCCOD, Tours, 2006 (cur. Damien Sausset)

Proche, très proche (Close, very close) – version with English subtitles
solo exhibition, Motive Gallery Amsterdam, 2010

Les heure creuses 

The installation Proche, très proche, first version of Les liens invisibles, is a version with noises of the piece Quant-à-soi, here, showed outside, in a park. It consists of three separate sound levels.
The first level consists of natural sounds from the space, heard in the distance.
The installation is a dotted piece which lets the surroundings exist. The two other levels are produced by a set of nine speakers.
A first set of height speakers, arranged in arched circle, placed on the ground and facing up, form a belt that faces us once entered the wood plot and had few steps. They diffuses a series of noises, interrupted with silences, which move from one speaker to another. Each of these sounds is a gesture, a very brief action occurred on household objects in different ways. They follow a logic we can’t understand.
Further, the center of the plot, a nineth speaker is placed on a pedestal at ear height. It diffuses a voice. This voice is hidden, we can only hear it once we crossed the first barrier of speakers. His discovery depends on our travel, our listening. Advancing, we can discover, more or less loudly and clearly by the distance, a series of short sentences, interrupted also with silences that are distributed exactly synchronous with the noise from the first four speakers (this synchronism can hide the voice: for every sentence is a noise). When that voice appears, links are revealed, the story can begin : a woman speaks, she speaks about invisible links she has trouble to define. 






Parc de la Colombière, Dijon, 2009 – photos D.P.

version with subtitles

Proche, très proche (Close, very close).
In this version for non-French-speaking countries, the sound stays the same (voices in French).
In this indoor version, the first set of four speakers, arranged in an arched circleplaced on the ground and facing up, form a belt that faces you once you entered the gallery.
Further, the center of a smaller space, a fifth speaker is placed on a pedestal at ear height.  
On entering the small area, the step of the way that leads from the sounds to the (French) voice, a video screen on the wall diffuses the translation written and synchronous from the words.
English translation by Miles Hankin.

Motive Gallery, Amsterdam, 2010 – photos 1-9 Chris Bestebreurtje / 10 Martin Stig



– text by Dominique Petitgand, book Les liens invisibles / The invisible links, CIAP, Île-de-Vassivière, 2015, Fr./En.
text by Christophe Gallois, press release Motive Gallery, 2010, En.