Quelqu’un est tombé
sound installation with 6 speakers

solo exhibition Quelqu’un est tombé, abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, 2009


Les heures creuses 

The installation called Quelqu’un est tombé over takes up three rooms and plays with their proximity, their natures and their acoustics. One layer at a time, a narrative, unfolding throughout the three spaces, is being built up.
In the first large room, with a very sonorous acoustics, four speakers set high up on either side of the columns emit a series of short sounds (bursts, stridences) broken with silences. In the small airlock in-between, also very sonorous, a speaker standing on the floor and turned the other way round to face the wall emits flows of instruments, muffled puffs and vibrations, long and tensed sequences, all of them perceived as if they were some underlayer from somewhere beyond.
Finally, and this is the third stratum of the installation, a speaker set on a pedestal in the last room, which for the occasion has been turned into a particularly muffled space (carpet on the floor and wall insulation) designed as if it were a box for words, emits voices. This speaker stands indirectly:  the space must be walked through and one must turn round to face it. The acoustic contrast of this muffled space enables the listener to add up the sound layers coming from the three adjacent spaces: the sounding bursts, the music flow, the words.
The narrative comes out, some figures stand out from the background, some bonds are revealed. A woman tells us that someone has fallen over, a child describes a fragmented landscape, another walks, trips over and endlessly falls down.





photos Catherine Brossais / 5 acoustic insulation Christelle Chalumeaux



invitation card



video captation abbaye de Maubuisson, Saint-Ouen-l’Aumône, 2009
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