Quelqu’un panique
sound installation with 2 speakers

exhibition Traversées, ARC, Musée d’Art Moderne de la Ville de Paris, 2001

Quelqu’un panique (Someone is panicking) – version with English subtitles
Unexpected ArtHome, gb agency, The ArtHome, Brussels, 2006

Les heures creuses 

The installation called Quelqu’un panique makes hear a sentence slips in two parts alternately on two speakers located at some distance from each other, on either side of a central axis and slightly in height.
A long silence like a break and a void between the two alternate fragments. From one part to the other, a shift, an interval that suspends the drama that is played there.
The alternating and suspended repetition of the two parts of the sentence creates a rhythm, a regular beat (tick/tock) a measure, a haunting presence although dotted. The presence of this work may evoke that of a clock, an impression confirmed by its slightly overhanging position.

version with subtitles
Quelqu’un panique (Someone is panicking).
In this version for non-French-speaking countries, the sound stays the same (voices in French).
At a strategic place, which is central and equidistant between the two speakers, a video screen hanging on a wall shows the written translation of the words, which are here put back together into a retrieved unit. English translation by Miles Hankin.