Les liens en sourdine
sound installation with 2 speakers

Les liens en sourdine (Attenuated bonds) – version with English subtitles
solo exhibition, gb agency, Paris, 2011

Les heure

Les liens en sourdine is taken from the work Quant-a-soi, which has already engendered multiple versions about the same concept of invisible links, including Aloof, Proche, très proche, La main coupée, Les liens invisibles.
This is a sound installation with two speakers, two acoustics perspectives. A speaker on a pedestal in the first room diffuses the voice of a woman. Behind every word, a cry from the distance is diffused in an exact and synchronous way. 
Both sound presences are symmetrical – they are two opposing magnets that repel each other. Present on both sides of the gallery, they are heads or tails of the same coin, whose side is distended – the viewer is placed in between these two opposing things, leaving one to discover the other. 

version with subtitles

Les liens en sourdine (Attenuated bonds).
In this version for non-French-speaking countries, the sound stays the same (voice in French). 
Equidistant from the two sounds, a screen shows the synchronous and written translation of the words. English translation by Miles Hankin.





photos Marc Domage



– text by Dominique Petitgand, book Les liens invisibles / The invisible links, CIAP, Île-de-Vassivière, 2015, Fr./En.
video captation gb agency, Paris, 2011